The 5 great news of Lync 2013

So we have already lync 2013 preview, what new features we’ll have? First that i see, in Lync 2013 we have multiparty  conferences, what it means? as we know in lync 2010 we can conference with many users, but video is displays only active parts and if you want to have multivideo display you cannot it or you must buy some gateways. In lync 2013 we have simultaneously displays up to fiv... [More]

Lync Federation For Additional Supported Sip Domains

As you know for federation there is srv record     and you must create this record if you want that other organization can find your edge server (Access Edge service(FQDN)). In my experience thare was a moment when i need to make federation for additional supported sip domain (not Default sip domain), in this moment we have situation when edge... [More]

Lync 2013 Preview

Microsoft® Lync® 2013 is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Lync connects hundreds of millions of people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. ​​​​​​ Multiparty HD video and content sharing Enable great meeting experiences and collaboration. Be there without going there. Video gallery: The video gallery simultan... [More]

Find Lync Versions

In this post i want to introduce a very useful  tool for finding lync version that your users are use.  Download this tool from here . After downloading this tool, you must install .Net 4.0 . It’s easy to use, just double click it if you want to use it for lync server you must specify your lync  server fqdn in first row. and if you want to use it for ocs you must specify s... [More]

Modify Contact information in lync

As we know in contact card there is some attributes from active directory thar are shown in lync from user and when we want to  add or remove some attributes from contact card there is beautiful tool for it, absconfig tool which is one of tool of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit Tools, which you can download from there ... [More]

Address book segregation in lync

If you have question about segregation address book in lync, I’ll say you, that it’s of course possible. when you have 2 or 3 or more thousand user in lync and you have multiple companies , which have request that to search only users that are only in their companies, you need address book segregation to solve this request. by default there is one address book which is placed in %lync... [More]

How to connect lync from internal network, from nondomain computer

If you try to connect lync from internal network (nondomain computer), you will see error: “There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server. ”   if your domain computers work well and you have this problem only for nondomain computer then it occurs, because certificate which is issued for lync front end server is not trust for non domain computer. to ensure exp... [More]

Photos in Lync

In this post, i’ll desribe difference moments about  photos in lync.  we have three photo option in lync client first radio button means, that if user have photo it will not showed for users, second radio button means, that user photo will retrieve from active directory, every user have attribute thumbnailphoto where their photos will saved in binary mode. and third radio but... [More]

lync cannot verify that the server is trusted for sign-in address. Connect anywhere? Trusted Domain List in lync

lync cannot verify thar the server is trusted for sign-in address connect anywhere? This dialog box may recieve when you first log in lync using auto configuration, if you connect whit manual configuration this dialog never will show. what is this means and why it appears? when your lync client is trying connect server it first search srv record, when client identifying  a record to ... [More]

How To add Lync Archiving role to an Existing Deployment

what can you do, if you already have lync infrastructure and you want to add archiving role to it? i’ll demonstrate it in my post. in lync infrastructure we have: 1) domain llab.corp 2) ca llab-ca.llab.corp 3) standard front end server( llab-lync.llab.corp) and we want to add arching server in our infrastructure to archive IM and conferencing.we need one machine llab-arch.llab.corp insta... [More]

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