Conversations History TAB Not Working?

After lync deployment or upgrade from ocs 2007 r2, you will notice that conversation history tab is not working, conversation history is saved in outlook, but history tab is empty, people think that for history tab they need archiving role in lync infrastructure. It is not true, what you need for conversation history in lync? first of all you need exchange server, because history is saved in e... [More]

Auto Configuration of Lync Client

In the end of previous post, we connect to lync server using manual configuration. What we need for autoconfiguration and what steps lync clients goes before log in? first idea is autconfiguration using gpo, you can download lync admx files from and configure Specify transport and server in gpo but is it autoconfiguration? Of co... [More]

How To Deploy Lync Standard Edition (part 2)

Prepare first standard Edition Server Install Topology Builder, open topology builder In primary sip domain write your sip domain, for me it will be, I don’t need additional supported Sip Domains so click next           write Name of your site for me it is lync main site –click next than fill about you site and click next mark ch... [More]

how to Deploy Lync Standard Edition (part 1)

In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to deploy lync server, as I sad in my first post lync standard edition is useful for lab deployment and I’ll demonstrate how to deploy lync standard edition server. There are some questions that I heard: what servers are necessary in infrastructure before install lync server? Is Exchange necessary before lync? First of all lets answer to this question... [More]

Technical Differences Between Lync Standard and Enterprise Servers

First question which admin may have during installation of lync server is: which type of installation to choose? Standard or Enterprise? In my post I’ll try to explain difference between these installation methods. Most important difference is high avability, in standard server installation you have only one front end server with collocated SQL server and A/V conferencing server, other roles you c... [More]

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