OWA 2013 and Lync 2013 integration

In this post I’ll describe how to integrate lync 2013 and owa 2013. Because of traffic between lync and exchange servers are encrypted you need certificates in both side (lync and exchange), Lync 2013 certificate: During installation of lync server, there was one step where you assign certificate and this certificate will be used for integration, so you don’t need any additional certif... [More]

Lync 2013 mobility check

In lync server 2013 there is no need to install lync mobility separately, it is built in installation. after installation front end server you need to check mobility service, in lync 2010 checking way was to browse ulr https://lyncdiscover.doamain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc from external and https://lyncdiscoverinternal.domain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc , after browsing url the file... [More]

EventID 31196 – LS Response Group Service

if you have eventid 31196 every two minutes, collaboration platform has failed to provision the data… , lync server trying to query data on the AD domain controller. However, the service does not reach the DC, During this time DC is fully functional and in the event log turns up nothing to flashy.   To resolve this event simply restart “Lync Server Response Group” service.

Cannot complete call forwarding

I had the problem, when i wanted to forward calls to another person or number, there was error to solve this problem you must login lync control panel->voice Routing-> trunk configuration open police that you have and disable refer support. wait 5 or 10 minute when configuration replicated to everywhere and then try again to forward calls.

Deploy Lync phones, hp 4120 ip phone

Thanks for Microsoft Georgia, they presented us 7 hp 4120 ip phones, so i decide to join this phones in our lync infrastructure. There are some steps, that you need to deploy ip phones in lync infrastructure. you must enable enterprise voice for user that you want to use for ip phone, after it let’s put our phone in internal network, of course you need dhcp server, but is it enough? no be... [More]

Enable Lync for new subdomains after lync deployment

If you have domain tree and you have deployed lync infrastructure, you can enable users from subdomain in lync. but after lync deployment if you add new domain in your tree and try to enable user from new domain  you will see error   you must prepare domain for lync, open lync shell, type  Enable-CSADDomain -Domain newChild_Domain_FQDN. after this you can enable users from new ... [More]

How To add Lync Archiving role to an Existing Deployment

what can you do, if you already have lync infrastructure and you want to add archiving role to it? i’ll demonstrate it in my post. in lync infrastructure we have: 1) domain llab.corp 2) ca llab-ca.llab.corp 3) standard front end server( llab-lync.llab.corp) and we want to add arching server in our infrastructure to archive IM and conferencing.we need one machine llab-arch.llab.corp insta... [More]

Lync 2013 Web Access

in my previous post , I described  5 great news of lync 2013, one of them was lync 2013 web app, let’s look new lync web app, when you copy and paste meet link in your browser screen will be we’ll sign-in as a guest it will asks you  a small installer to be installed (5 seconds). after it you are in lync 2013 web app with full functionality without this installer you... [More]

Install Lync Server 2013 in Windows Server 2008 R2 (Part 2)

In Certificate wizard there is two certificate  column, first we all know and it was in lync 2010, certificate for internal web services and external web services, and second certificate is new in lync 2013   small description about OAuthTokenIssuer  is in slide, as i understood this certificate will be used for for server-to-server authentication and authorization. about OAu... [More]

Install Lync 2013 in windows server 2008 r2 (Part 1)

let’s try to install new lync 2013, it’s very interesting. we will install it as i said in server 2008 r2, first of all you must install prerequisites for lync 2013 we will install it in topology where lync 2010 is not. (migration posts will be soon ;) ) Prerequisites 1) .Net Framework 4.5 which is stored in installation folder in /setup/amd64 named dotNetfx45_Full_x86_x64.exe 2) ... [More]

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