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In the end of previous post, we connect to lync server using manual configuration. What we need for autoconfiguration and what steps lync clients goes before log in?
first idea is autconfiguration using gpo, you can download lync admx files from
and configure Specify transport and server in gpo


but is it autoconfiguration? Of course no! It’s manual configuration using gpo :) .
do you need real autoconfiguration? You need to add dns records. What record?

let’s look lync client, what is happening when lync client is trying log in during autoconfiguration?

1) lync extracts the domain from users sip address, in my case its (from


2)SRV Record queries begin for _sipinternaltls._tcp.domain ( used for internal connection ) if there is no result
3) begins for_sipinternal._tcp.domain( used for internal connection if tcp connection is allowed) if there is no result
4) begins for _sip._tls.domain ( used for external connection) if there is no result
5) begins for sipinternal.domain (
6) begins for sip.domain (
so it’s not necessary to use srv records for autoconfiguration if you use 5) or 6) ways. But before 5 and 6 methods process will be lengthy, so it’s the best to publish srv records for improve user sign in experience.

We need autoconfiguration only for internal connection (we have not edge infrastructure deployed yet), in dns make primary zone


make other new records and click Servicelocation(SRV)

image image

in the client computer make ipconfig /flushdns and try to connect with autoconfiguration,

you will log in!

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