Technical Differences Between Lync Standard and Enterprise Servers

First question which admin may have during installation of lync server is: which type of installation to choose? Standard or Enterprise? In my post I’ll try to explain difference between these installation methods. Most important difference is high avability, in standard server installation you have only one front end server with collocated SQL server and A/V conferencing server, other roles you can have on dedicated server after standard server installation. So because of high avability we have limited users number in our pool, Microsoft recommended 5000 users for standard installation, in Enterprise pool you may have 10(max) front end servers in one pool and you have high avability between your front end servers, based on this, users number is more than 5000, you can have approximately 80000 users in your enterprise pool. There is not any feature that enterprise edition has and standard not.
Standard edition is designed for small organizations, for pilot projects, for lab deployments. it enables you to have full functionality for a lesser costs.
In my country(Georgia) there are may be 2 organizations which may have enterprise editions, So if users number is approximately 2000-3000, don’t worry install Lync Standard edition,
But if you want to have high avability or number of users is more than 5000, or to have SQL or a/v conferencing server on dedicated, you must install Enterprise Edition.
P.S for HA you need Hardware Load Balancer.

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