how to Deploy Lync Standard Edition (part 1)

In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to deploy lync server, as I sad in my first post lync standard edition is useful for lab deployment and I’ll demonstrate how to deploy lync standard edition server.
There are some questions that I heard: what servers are necessary in infrastructure before install lync server? Is Exchange necessary before lync?
First of all lets answer to this questions, without exchange you can have lync infrastructure, but there are features which need exchange, for example your history tab will not work, also wil not work features that need ews (ews is used for history tab), voice mails and etc. so you can have lync without exchange, but I think that every normal organization must have exchange, it’s the best mail server in the world.
For lync infrastructure you need active directory, and internal ca (or you can buy certificate).
In My lab We have installed
domain: llab.corp
domain controller: llab-dcr01.llab.corp
domain controller: llab-dcr02.llab.corp
CA: llab-ca
Lync Server: llab-lync.llab.corp
for Lync deployment we’ll use Lyncinstall@llab.corp user for installation, user must be a member of domain admins, Enterprise Admins and schema admins groups


before start installation you must install .net framwork 3.5 sp1 or greater,

on llab-lync.llab.corp let’s install .net framework,
open Server Manager->Features->add Feature-> check .NET Framework Features-> Add Required Role Services ->click 3 times next - > click install –>closeimage image

also you need IIS Role services


and this features

go to installation folder setup\amd64 two click setup.exe, also you need Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package to be installed,

And click yes to install this,
choose installation location, agree to the license agreement




Choose prepare active directory in deployment wizard

than Prepare schema, view log and sure that processing has completed successfully
image verify Replication Of Schema Partition

prepare Current forest, click next


sure that processing has completed successfully

Verify Replication of Global Catalog


prepare Current Domain

Verify Replication in the Domain


Add your installation user to CSAdministrator group.
ok we finished “Prepare Active Directory”


go to part 2.

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