Conversations History TAB Not Working?

After lync deployment or upgrade from ocs 2007 r2, you will notice that conversation history tab is not working, conversation history is saved in outlook, but history tab is empty, people think that for history tab they need archiving role in lync infrastructure.


It is not true, what you need for conversation history in lync? first of all you need exchange server, because history is saved in exchange mailbox and than it is showed in history tab.

user with sip address is logged in computer named computer1 , he had im session with , had conferencing with , and every session is saved and showed in his history tab. after this he loged in another computer named computer2, will his old history showed in history tab?
yes it will, because its showed from exchange mailbox using EWS (Exchange web Service)

and if you have exchange and history tab is not working yet, check ews configuration
by clicking mouse right click with ctrl key in lync icon and than configuration information. make sure that ews is ok and you have EWS URL.

ews ews2

if it’s not so, make autodiscover record in internal dns for domain address and your history tab will work (many administrator do not have autodiscover record in internal dns, and first check if you have).


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