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In this post, i’ll desribe difference moments about  photos in lync.  we have three photo option in lync client


first radio button means, that if user have photo it will not showed for users,

second radio button means, that user photo will retrieve from active directory, every user have attribute thumbnailphoto where their photos will saved in binary mode.


and third radio button for picture to be showed from public web address.

you can control which mode to use,

from lync management shell write get-csclientpolicy shell gives you client policy, in list there is DisplayPhoto ,  values of this policy may be allphotos –which means that all three radio buttons are avalable for user,


also value may be PhotosFromADOnly –which means that user does not have third radio button, he or she cannot user web url for his picture, this value means that if user have photo in active directory and user need to hide this photo  he can hide this photo, many administrator need something that permits users from hiding thier photos, but there is not solution yet. there is discusion about this in technet forum ( ) and also there is workarounds, but i wait for official solution about it.


and last value may be nophotos, which means that users will not have photos.


when user use photos from active directory, there is one disadvantage, federated users cannot see these type of photos, and if you want that federated users can see your photos, you must user public web url for photos.

how to add photos in active directory for user. there are many method and third party tools for this, one of them

also you can use this tool

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