How to connect lync from internal network, from nondomain computer

If you try to connect lync from internal network (nondomain computer), you will see error: “There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server. ”



if your domain computers work well and you have this problem only for nondomain computer then it occurs, because certificate which is issued for lync front end
server is not trust for non domain computer.

to ensure

export lync front end certificate from lync server (Certificates(Local Computer)\Personal\Certificates) without private key

ex1 ex2


copy this certificate to nondomain computer and open it. you’ll see

certi2 certi3


to solve this problem you must import your root chain in nondomain computer. in my case i’ll export root chain from domain computer










and import it in nondomain computer (From mmc in computer certificate store )

certi5 certi6

after it open certificate which you export from lync front end server again.



certi7 certi9

it means that certificate for lync front end is trusted certificate for your computer, restart your computer and try to log in lync from internal network. There is no certifcate error :) .

certif10 certi11


P.S for domain computers this root chain automatically is installed from domain.

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