How To add Lync Archiving role to an Existing Deployment

what can you do, if you already have lync infrastructure and you want to add archiving role to it? i’ll demonstrate it in my post. in lync infrastructure we have:

1) domain llab.corp

2) ca llab-ca.llab.corp

3) standard front end server( llab-lync.llab.corp)

and we want to add arching server in our infrastructure to archive IM and conferencing.we need one machine llab-arch.llab.corp install sql 2008 on it. open topology builder in front end server and add archiving role


define sql store, sql server must already install, you can have sql server in dedicated server and also archiving server role in another dedicated server, in my case it is all in one server.


defile file share


associate Front end pool


and publish your new topology.on the llab-arch.llab.corp server where we have already sql server installed, install  this features







after installing this feature open lync server deployment wizard and click install or update lync server system, first install local configuration store which will retrieve directly from the central management store and click setup or remove lync server components


in the archiving role you don’t need certificate for server, so step certificate request and click start services . check if both service is started



after this configure infrastructure to archive im and web conferencing services




now we have archiving role in lync infrastructure. how to view archiving data? for viewing archiving data you need lync shell and some commands

for example:

to view all im from date 4/9/2012 to 5/9/2012 you need Export-CSArchivingData -DBInstance llab-arch.llab.corp -StartDate 4/9/2012 -EndDate 5/9/2012 -OutputFolder "C:\archivingdataforview"    this command will collect all im from 4/9/2012 to 5/9/2012  and will save in C:\archivingdataforview folder as eml files

if you want to collect for one user you need add –useruri in command for example:Export-CSArchivingData -DBInstance llab-arch.llab.corp -StartDate 4/9/2012 -EndDate 5/9/2012 -OutputFolder "C:\archivingdataforview"  –useruri “



users need gui for archiving im view, so microsoft create great tool OCS Instant Message Archive Viewer, you can download it from .

install it in your computer and open


from this tool you can easy view archiving data, before use make sure you have sufficient privileges to connect database and of course you have network access to it.

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