Deploy Lync phones, hp 4120 ip phone

Thanks for Microsoft Georgia, they presented us 7 hp 4120 ip phones, so i decide to join this phones in our lync infrastructure. There are some steps, that you need to deploy ip phones in lync infrastructure. you must enable enterprise voice for user that you want to use for ip phone,


after it let’s put our phone in internal network, of course you need dhcp server, but is it enough? no because you will recieve this alert “Certificate Web Service cannot be fount, please contact your support team”.

we need configure dhcp server correctly and than it will give all necessary attribute to ip phone. we will use dhcputil to configure our dhcp server, you can use dhcputil only for windows dhcp servers, more deeply how to configure dhcp servers for lync phone see

First question that you may have is: where is dhcputil?

Answer:It is in lync server in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010

how to use dhcputil for configure dhcp server?

copy two files from “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010” , dhcputil.exe and DHCPConfigScript.bat to dhcp server in one folder, for example copy it in c:\tmp folder.

if you try to use dhcputil in windows server 2008r (or old versions) you will receive


you need first install vcredist_x64.exe, you can take it from lync server media. Than we need FQDN of the Sip Server and FQDN of the web server, if you have this information open cmd with administrator privileges go to tmp folder and type DHCPUtil.exe –SipServer <FQDN of the Sip Server > -webserver <FQDN of the web server> –RunConfigScript


after it restart dhcp service


look at server options there is some new options

i’ll add ntp servers in options, use domain controler ips for it
after it you can restart your lync phone, it will ask you phone extension to authenticate, also you need pin for authentication. you can do it from control panel

or from shell Set-CsClientPin -Identity gjambazishvili -Pin 23451
or user can set his pin itself from Dail-in Conferencing Settings

after successfully authenticate phone will ask you 6 digit unlock PIN, it’s another pin.
type it twice and … you have lync ip phone.

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