Lync 2013 mobility check

In lync server 2013 there is no need to install lync mobility separately, it is built in installation.


after installation front end server you need to check mobility service, in lync 2010 checking way was to browse ulr https://lyncdiscover.doamain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc from external and https://lyncdiscoverinternal.domain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc , after browsing url the file was downloaded named autodiscover.svc

also you did check Test-CsMcxP2PIM , if this two test was ok it was mean that mobility service was worked in good state. When i installed lync 2013 first and wanted to check mobility, I browse urls and  discovered that urls is not working, but when i test Test-CsMcxP2PIM everything was ok. Than i start troobleshoot why was not working urs: https://lyncdiscover.doamain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc   and https://lyncdiscoverinternal.domain/autodiscover/autodiscover.svc .
i see that in Autodiscover folder there was not autodiscover.svc file and there was Global.asax file that was not in lync 2010


I try to reinstall lync web components but nothing….

To check service availability  browse from internal
from external (when you publish autodiscover via http)
i try to login from lync mobile form android with autodiscover settings and my client logged in.
try to Test-CsMcxP2PIM , if it is ok and you have right publishing rule in tmg you mobile clients will work with autodiscover settings.
It’s recommended to have difference addresses for internal web services and for external web services.

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